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Sea Time is a company of young sports professionals, passionate about health, fitness, longevity, being by the sea and the wellness of our clients. We also love nature, and everything we do is friendly to the environment.

We love Aqua Sports because they are fun and refreshing, and don’t come with the strain of traditional sports. Today Sea Time is based in place, and partners with professional, certified trainers to bring number sessions to their members every week.

Designed to help the people of Abu Dhabi improve their lifestyle, Sea Time has the skills, equipment and passion to get young and old, post-surgery athletes and people struggling

Have fun with your family; get active and start feeling and looking better today.

Start today. Be happier tomorrow.

  • Reduce Stress

  • Improve sleep

  • Lose weight

  • Easy on the Joints

  • Sunshine means Vitamin D

  • Recover Quicker from Injuries

  • Child-friendly

  • Women-only sessions

  • Fun. Fun. Fun

Benefits of Sea Water

Seawater is Amazing! It is high in minerals, good for digestion, great for stress relief and even helps us sleep better.

Clean Skin : Let the mineral salts regenerate and exfoliate your skin.

Strengthen your Immunity : After even a short swim in the ocean, our red and white blood cell count is increased.

Strong Bones : Sea water combined with exercise is great for bone and muscle pain.

Breathe Easy : A sea breeze can help eliminate toxins from the respiratory system.

Detox : Ocean water accelerates the process of cell regeneration.

Less Stress : Spending time by the sea naturally decreases blood pressure, and will boost your mood.