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All of our trainers and instructors come from a sports background. They are either ex-professional athletes, or have qualifications in sports science. Expect a high degree of professionalism from our trainers who are all certified to train and teach aqua cycling sessions by Spanish manufacturer Pool biking.

We have a class to suit everyone! Children, men, women, young and old. Join us if you are a stressed out businessperson, or a mom wanting to spend time with her kids in nature. Clients recovering from injury, or looking to lose weight love our zero gravity sessions. We also have sessions for those looking for a challenge in their training. Check our schedule for our different sessions.

Our specialized sea and water training equipment is imported from some of the best manufacturers in the world. Our sea bikes come from Chiliboats in Brazil, our aquabikes come from Poolbiking in Spain, and our floating Aqua Mat comes from Glide in the USA.

Sessions are currently being offered at Raha Beach hotel, Hilton Corniche Beach Club and xxx hotel. We hope to be offering sessions on public beaches very soon. Sessions are all held outdoors, usually in the sea but sometimes in the pool. Please check our schedule for more information.

Non-swimmers will enjoy many of our sessions; the aqua bikes only sit in the water up to the waist. Our instructors are certified to offer aqua sports, and have full first aid training. When taking part in a sea biking tour, life jackets are mandatory, and a certified guide will lead you.

Most sessions are 45 minutes. The Sea Bikes Tour can be adjusted to suit the needs of the client. Sea bike tours can be booked for up to 2 hours.