Sea Time’s underwater biking classes a huge hit among residents

 Aquabiking session in progress at the Abu Dhabi City Golf Club

Aquabiking, a new fitness regime using specially designed pool bikes, is making waves in the capital after Sea Time Water Sports introduced it six months ago.

Sea Time’s manager Zahra.B, who used to work with the famous brand Poolbiking in Spain, said, “In the short time since its inception, aquabiking has become a huge hit in Abu Dhabi. People are not just loving aquabiking, but living it.”

She said aquabiking is a feel good workout because the water reduces the body weight by half. “So you don’t feel any pain. You also lose weight easily.”

Zahra said exercising in the water strengthens joints, muscles and tendons while improving blood circulation and building endurance.

“One also gets exposure to Vitamin D which is very essential as people in the UAE commonly suffer from a deficiency. Also, exercising in the water is much better than being stuck in a gym or a studio,” she said.

Aquabiking session in progress at the Abu Dhabi City Golf Club

Currently, the aquabike sessions are held at the pool in Abu Dhabi City Golf Club (Shakbout Street) and the sea at Hiltonia Beach Club (Corniche).
A typical session lasts 45 minutes and includes a warm-up and cooling down period, besides the actual workout in between.

Zahra said aquabiking is suitable for people of all age groups and abilities. It is also safe for pregnant women and people who are recovering from surgery. Marianna Lauro, who moved to Abu Dhabi from Italy two months ago, who is an aquabiker, said, “I used to do aquabiking regularly back home. It offers a complete workout and improves circulation. Biking in seawater is also good for reducing cellulite. I am so glad it is now available in Abu Dhabi.”

Zahra said more sessions could be launched soon as there is huge demand for Sea Time’s classes.

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