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Weight Loss    

Across the UAE doctors are warning of an obesity crisis. Losing weight is a difficult process, and it really helps to have the support of trained professionals. The great thing about Sea Time is that in water exercise assists in relieving the strain on the body when working off weight. You will increase your heart rate and fitness, without putting undue stress on the body. Let us work out a training program that combines aerobic, strength and stretch sessions so that you can get the maximum weight-loss benefit from your membership.

Corporate wellbeing

More and more companies are taking an interest in the health of their employees. Sea Time is the perfect resource for managers who want to offer staff a wide range of options to relax, improve fitness and handle stress. Our sessions are fun and interactive; employees will experience a sense of teamwork as they get fit, and relieve stress together. Studies have shown that employees who can find space to relax and recharge during the workday are more effective and productive. Let us work out an ideal program for your team.

Defy Ageing. Release Stress.

Considered one of the very best ways to combat stress and feel better about life, exercise generates serotonin and endorphins, the natural feel good chemicals and hormones depleted during times of stress. Doctors also recommend strength training for seniors who are looking to strengthen their body against physical ageing as well as illness. Doing all of this in the healthy sea air, with loads of sunshine enhances the effects of the exercise, improving the mood and reducing depression or anxiety.

Kids & Teenagers

Being a child or teenager these days is not easy – social media, schoolwork and stress, peer pressure and changes in their bodies often overwhelm them. Our specially designed young adult and children’s wellness programs bring teenagers out of their shell, and aim to introduce young people to the joys of moving their bodies.  Physically active children and teenagers are also more likely to improve their concentration and their studies with regular exercise. Our programs are full of outdoor fun and sunshine; let your kids loose with one of Sea Time’s young adult or children’s sessions.