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Energizing, Easy & Fun


Welcome to Sea Time, the 100% natural, family-friendly and fun way to get healthy.

Are you

  • Tired?

  • Overweight?

  • Bored?

  • Stressed?

Sea Time is a unique seawater exercise club, where all training sessions take place in the sea! You can also rent our equipment for your own program. Find us at Raha Beach Hotel and Hilton Corniche Beach Club. With a variety of workout levels and sessions, you will find the perfect session or equipment type to suit your sport level. Our certified instructors ensure Sea Time is the fun and healthy activity your family has been waiting for. From seniors, teenagers, pregnant women and children we have an aqua sport or activity that is fun and healthy to suit everyone.


Aqua Biking

What Our Clients Say

One of the best mode of learning

The Sea Cycling was amazing. I learned so much and found the session is very supportive to my body fitness.

Kevin Anderson, Student

A whole new level for Aqua Biking

Great class/session. The benefits of Aqua Biking were apparent after the first pool session! Greater flexibility, ease of postures on joints, decompresses the spine, and all in beautiful warm water.

Cerci Lannister, Web Developer